Fence Demonstrator - Follow these instructions or go direct to demonstrator by clicking CUSTOMIZE at the bottom of the page.

Either use a simple house provided and add fences to suit, or upload a picture of your own home to visualise your new fence

Fence Demonstrator - Follow these instructions or go direct to demonstrator by clicking CUSTOMIZE at the bottom of the page.

We at Fence and gate supplies realise the importance of knowing what you are getting. That is why we have developed a programme to help you choose your new fence.

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Step 1 - Selection of preferred supplier.

Your preferred supplier.

It is of paramount importance for you to have a fence and gate supplier that you have complete confidence in so this step gives you the opportunity to choose a supplier that is able to offer what you require.

Step 2 - FREE Registration

What type of user are you?

Level 3 - This level is designed for the fencing contractor to use as a selling tool for their clients and has the same features of level 2 with added benefits to assist in the ordering of the required materials from the preferred supplier.

Step 3 - Log in

Log in and choose supplier.

Log in to the Fence Demonstrator page using your email address and the password entered in the registration page. You will be taken to the user level chosen in the registration process where you can either start viewing the fence designs on the pre-loaded properties or you can upload an image of your own home or property.

Step 4 - Level 2 & 3 users.

Start your design.

  1. PROPERTY IMAGE: From the property slider, select the chosen house by clicking on the image. The image will then appear in the main window. If you have uploaded an image of your own property, it will also appear on this slider.
  2. FENCE SCALE: To enable viewmyfence.com to calculate the correct scale for the fence, click first at one end of the proposed fence line and then the other end. A red line will appear between the 2 points. Type the actual length of the proposed fence line (in metres) and press "ENTER" on your keyboard.
  3. FENCE AREA: Click on the main image and drag a red rectangle to the approximate size of the required fence.
  4. FENCE TYPE: From the fence slider, choose the desired fence style (considering also the height and colour) by clicking on the image on the slider. The chosen fence will fill the rectangle drawn in step 3. This fence can be move, skewed and lengthened or shortened using the icons and handles on the image.
  5. POSTS and/or GATES: The posts and gates on the bottom slider can be dragged onto the main window and repositioned at any time.
  6. EXTRA fences, posts or gates can be added by repeating steps 4 and 5.
  7. REMOVE individual components by double clicking that component.
  8. RESET: Remove all of the fence images and start again by clicking the "RESET" button.
  9. To start afresh, simply refresh the web page to go back to the start.

Step 5

Uploading of own house image.

The main feature of this site is that it gives you the option of uploading an image of your own property and view a chosen fence design on that property.

To do this, take a photograph of the property with the proposed fence line square on to the photo. COMPRESS this photo to approximatey 200 Kbytes (it must be in Jpeg format). Using the add image button in the editor section, follow the prompts to up load the photograph.

Step 6 - Save and Print

Save and Print

Level 2 and level 3 users can save the image to do further adjustments at a later date and print the finished image if they wish. If you are ready to make a purchase, simply print the image as a PDF (or save as a PDF) and fill out the quotation request adding the saved PDF file as requested on the orm. Send the information through to your preferred supplier to be sent a quotation or have a site visit in view of further discussion if you desire.


What browser works best?

The three browsers that have been tested are Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer 10. Of these Firefox work the best with viewmyfence.com., the others may have some issues with some of the components.